Project “Carubina”

Hollowman Photography

Project “Votre Beauté”. Natalia

Fashion Photography for a magazine

Project “SAMSUNG”

Photography of a company’s brand new tablets with a model demonstration  

Project “E-Shop for a Branding Watch company”

Designing E-commerce website for a branding watch company | Home Page | Product Page

Project “Web-site Design for a Bath-Cosmetic producer”

Designing layout for a new E-commerce company’s Web-site | Home Page | Category Page | Mobile Version

Project “Collection 2019 “

Design of the Catalog for a Bath-Cosmetic producer

Project “Flyer BadeFee”

Design of the Flyer for a Bath-Cosmetic producer

Project “SiALL Verlag”

Designing and developing easy and clean e-commerce website for a publishing company | Home Page | Product Page

Project “AB school”

Corporate Design for a Language school marketing materials | Flyer and Business Cards

Project “Care Soap’s”

Package and Labels Design for a Brand New products of Soap’s line.

Project “ADbrains Agency”

Corporate Identity. Designing of a responsive landing page | Business Cards | Landing Page | Testing on mobile devices

Project “VillageLink”

Corporate Identity Package, as well as a Website Design | Flyer and Business Card | Home Page

Project “Hello Fruity”

Fresh Design for a Brand-New company products line

Project “Brochure for Cafe 7-11”

Design of the Brochure for Cafe (8 pages, CMYK 4X4, Size: A5)

Project “Savonelle”

Labels Design for a Bath-Cosmetic producer

Project “Magazin”

Clothing / Accessories Photography with a Models demonstration

Project “Hermes”

Photography of the products for E-commerce company’s Web-site

Project “Web-Portfolo für Konzertsängerin”

Designing Website-Portfolio for a singer Yulia Parnes.

Project “KMATОБ”

Photography of the Theatre spectacle

Project “Аркадiя”

Designing Web-site for a Haircut Salon | Home page. Slide 1 | Home page. Slide 2 | Gallery Page

Project “ТОПТЕКС”

Corporate Identity, Marketing materials Design | Brochure and Business Cards

Project “Львiв-2014 Туристичний путiвник”

Design of a Tour-Guide Brochure with included city-map 24 pages, CMYK 4X4, Size: A5

Project “АБ студия”

Corporate Identity Package for a Photostudio | Flyer, Business Cards and Letterhead Design

Project “Bantik”

Photography for a Beauty salon of their professional services

Project “UBISLATE”

Product Photography for a company purposes

Project “ATLONA Technologies”

Creative photography of the company products

Project “Cocktails Photography”

Project “PandaStyle”

Clothing Photography for a E-commerce Web-site

Project “Cafe 7-11”

Sushi as a Food-Photography in a country style

Project “Jewelry E-Shop”

Photography of Jewelry as a demonstration on a model

Project “FreeDom”

Photography elite furniture and home accessories for a company catalog

Project “Votre Beauté”. Julia

Fashion Photography for a magazine


Photography a Brand New Watches

Project “Sleeves Design for a sorted DeoCream”

Project “Coffee Scrub’s Labels Design”

Project “New Open”

Photography products in a new store opening

Project “Interior Photography”

Interior Phography for a Real Estate agency

Project “Christmas Boxes Design”

Design of Christmas boxes for a company products

Project “Lips Care packs Design”

Designing packages as a sleeves for a 5 sorts of the Lips Care products

Project “Design a gift-set for a Valentin’s Day”

Designing a gift-set for a french customer regarding Valentine day’s thematic

Project “Design a giftset’s box for Easter holydays”

Designing a gift box for a 3 “Bath-Eggs” to Easter thematic

Project “Design Packages and Labels for a 12 sorts of Perfume”

Project “Labels for a sorted Handmade Soap Bars”

Design Labels for a sorted Handmade Soap Bars

Project “Design Labels for a new Body care products line”

Labels for a Body Joghurt and Body Scrub

Project “Bunge”

Photograpy of production for company marketing purposes

Project “Products Photography for the company Catalog”

Project “Затишний Дiм”

| Designing stylish Website for a Restaurant | Designing simple and elegant Restaurant Menu (10 pages, CMYK 4X4, Size: A4)

Project “InStore products”

InStore Product Photography for Bath-Cosmetic producer

Project “Diamond Auto”

Cars Photography for an Autodealer’s Web-site

Project “Christmas Poster Design”

Design of thematic poster for a shopwindow on Christmas holidays

Project ” Clean Product Photography for a Bath-Cosmetic producer”

Photography thematic images for an Instagram company’s page